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The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Teams

Workplace DiSC

COF Culture Orientations Framework


ICF Certification ACC 

CRR ORSC Systemic Coaching

B.A. Webster University

Personal Path

Born in the midwest, america's heartland, I grew up with a curiosity for foreign countries and languages.  I obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in French and German from Webster University, in St. louis, missouri.

After finding employment in the Banking and medical sector, I left the security of my home culture to work in asia (osaka, Japan and kunming, china) for over 4 years.  

Working as a cross cultural facilitator in the Asian Hotel industry gave me valuable first-hand experience of the challenges involved in building relationships in a language and culture whose values were often at odds with my own.

Upon my arrival in paris in 1991, I discovered the writings of hofstee and trompenhaars, the pioneers of multiculturalism and joined sietar.  

As a trilingual american, I use both my life experience abroad along with my languages to build awareness of the cultural challenges faced by europeans when working with Asians and americans.

I did my systemic coaching training in Paris, munich and shanghai and am specialized in management and team-building trainings.    I provide support and leadership coaching to expatriate CEOs and CFOs throughout europe.