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Click here to download my 8-page PDF file with
16 tips for self-care in the Winter. 

Well-Being and Chinese Culture

A 90-minute Self-Care Workshop

Simple and gentle strategies to rediscover and nourish your life energy or Qi 气

This workshop is a balance of Theory, Practice and Foundations.


  • an exploration of Yin and Yang energies 

  • meridians or "energy lines"

  • an introduction to the Wu Xing, the 5 elements



  • Breath work - going within with Yin

  • Pulling Qi - 拉气

  • Four Acupressure Points


  • Daoist teachings and teachers -  Lao Tzu,  Zhuangzi

  • Daoist quotes

No upcoming events at the moment

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      Resiliency Programme

Starting April 2021, the training programmes below can be chosen individually (à la carte) or as an in-house programme .   Please check the calendar for small group half day workshops in Luxembourg.   On site and online sessions are highly interactive and vary from 90 to 120 minutes.     Workshops are delivered in French or English.  

Weilan Coaching and Training is registered with Lifelong Learning in Luxembourg and trainings are eligible for a discount from the Luxembourg Ministry of Education. 

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